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Contract Negotiations

Reynolds Sports Management has quietly established a history of successfully negotiating several multi-million dollar per year contractual agreements for its clients. Our success in attaining these contracts on behalf of our athletes is a result of our careful preparation, experience and commitment to our clientele. With over twenty years of experience, we enter each negotiation armed with an invaluable accumulation of knowledge involving a particular team’s negotiating strategy. Throughout the years, Reynolds Sports Management has been able to develop an array of industry contacts with the respective Players’ Associations, front offices and coaching staffs, which have proven to be a tremendous benefit when trying to maximize an athlete’s compensation.

As with so many things in life, the ability to conduct successful negotiations comes down to four key ingredients: experience, knowledge, commitment and effective communication.

We apply a team concept to negotiations, which takes advantage of our collective experience in developing a strategy and executing it. In every case, however, the client plays an active role and has final approval of the actual goals and plan. The following is a flow chart of our normal procedure in negotiations:

  • Develop Player Profile
  • Understand Collective Bargaining Rights
  • Project Team Needs
  • Performance Comparisons
  • Salary and Bonus Analysis
  • Finalize Strategic Plan
  • Communicate and Negotiate Contract

By nature, most negotiations are adversarial but do not have to be antagonistic. We have worked very hard at establishing a reputation in professional sports of being reasonable but tenacious negotiators who develop sound cases for our demands.

We have successfully negotiated contracts in each of the three major sports. However, since we specialize in baseball, we are well versed in the intricacies of Major and Minor League Baseball contracts. We have a wealth of data available through information provided by the Major League Baseball Players Association and numerous other sources.

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Financial Management Coordination

Reynolds Sports Management places an emphasis on the coordination of financial management and tax preparation services. In addition, we help our clients secure construction, home and car loans, and assist them with credit card application processing and numerous other business endeavors.

Proper financial planning is vital to every professional athlete’s economic future. Although an athlete’s earnings may be quite substantial, the time period during which the income is received is relatively short. For instance, most individuals’ income typically begins to increase as they reach their mid-thirties in age. However, the professional athlete has often reached the zenith of his income potential by this time. Therefore, professional athletes must carefully budget, invest, and conserve earnings to insure a comfortable lifestyle during his post-playing years.

We at Reynolds Sports Management believe that it is our responsibility to actively assist our clientele in coordinating a team of financial management professionals who will assist in creating and implementing an investment strategy that will allow our clients to achieve the following:

  • Construction of a financial bridge between his playing days and his second career.
  • Maintenance of a comparable lifestyle after his sports career has ended.
  • Creation of a family trust to provide income for their children’s educational needs and to supply other income sources in the future.
  • Preservation of assets through sound fiscal and estate planning.

Additionally, we assist our clients in selecting the financial experts who will provide them with tax planning, estate planning, accounting, financial management and investment services. We carefully monitor the performance of each professional to help assure that there are no conflicts of interest and the client’s financial needs are competently and fairly met.

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Marketing & Endorsement Development

Although the corporate world of today has been using professional athletes in advertising campaigns and has been spending enormous amounts of money at an unprecedented rate, the “window of opportunity” available to the vast majority of professional athletes in the marketing and endorsement arena is, frankly, quite small. Accordingly, success in these areas requires intense, persistent and aggressive efforts.

We counsel our clients candidly about the reality of their marketing and endorsement appeal and potential. The truth of the matter is, not every athlete has the public appeal of a Tom Brady or a Kobe Bryant. Yet, “you don’t have to be a superstar or perform in a large media market to make additional off-the-field income.” Thus, we focus our efforts on local and regional opportunities such as athletic shoe and equipment deals, card show autograph sessions, trade show appearances, corporate speaking engagements, trading card agreements, and many others.

Additionally, we encourage every client to consider giving “something back” to his community. We further advocate that our clients, as appropriate, take an active role in community and charitable causes. This involvement provides a valuable service to the community as well as earning positive name recognition for the client. We have assisted many clients in:

  • Setting up charitable foundations and events
  • Conduct clinics for their respective sports
  • Hosting charity events

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Career Planning & Management

A good professional athlete’s playing career typically ends when he is in his mid to late thirties. Even with the advantage of financial security, the adjustment to retirement can be difficult.

Reynolds Sports Management encourages each client to develop interests and contacts that may lead to second career opportunities once his playing days are over. We continuously assist our clients in seeking off-season employment, and suggest classes and programs that may be helpful to them in their post-athletic careers.

Licensed, independent counseling agencies that offer testing and placement services are made available to our clients. Early preparation and planning will help the athlete make the transition to retirement successful and rewarding.

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Trading Cards

Over the past few years, the trading card industry has seen more ups and downs than the New York Stock Exchange. Despite this volatility, the trading card industry still affords a top draft pick a wonderful opportunity to earn additional income through image rights and signing autographs.

The major players in producing sets that include the amateur draft are The Upper Deck Company and The Topps Company. The aforementioned companies will most likely offer a player a non-exclusive contract in order to obtain the rights to produce a card of the player and may also call for signing autographs. A non-exclusive contract will allow the individual to sell his imaging rights and sign autographs with a variety of trading card companies. The flexibility to sign contracts with more than one company is one way to maximize the players earning potential. Exclusive contracts with one company are also considered if it is deemed to be truly in the best financial interest of the player.

Due to the uncertainty of the trading card market from year to year, we at Reynolds Sports Management believe in trying to maximize the individual player’s opportunity, thus allowing him to earn the highest amount possible.

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Autograph Signings

Public and private autograph signings give players the opportunity to earn extra money beyond their salaries and signing bonuses. It takes considerable time, business contacts and hard work on the part of the marketing department to secure these signings for players. There are hundreds of professional players and limited signing opportunities.

Reynolds Sports Management has developed lasting relationships with most of the premier memorabilia companies including Tri-Star Productions, Naxcom, Field Of Dreams, and others. Our clients earned thousands of dollars this year, as well as the use of courtesy cars from dealerships and free cell phone service. They participated in both public signings and large trade shows as well as private signings for memorabilia stores. It is important for a marketing department to develop a promotional package for each player as a tool to “sell” that player to different companies.

We work hard to promote our players throughout the industry so that they may benefit from various marketing opportunities.

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Throughout the years, Reynolds Sports Management has established strong relationships with many of the equipment companies including NIKE, Under Armour, New Balance, Adidas, Mizuno, Wilson, Rawlings, Easton, Louisville Slugger and others.

Although “cash” deals for endorsing particular equipment such as a fielding glove and shoes is limited for a 1st year drafted player, opportunities do exist that are extremely beneficial to the player. For example, endorsing a specific brand is a great way for player to begin building a relationship with the company that may help the player receive larger and more lucrative contracts with that company in the future. In addition to receiving product or merchandise from the endorsed company, the player will receive special attention and speedier service in ordering equipment from that company, which he will come to find, is quite an advantage.

Reynolds Sports Management encourages players to use equipment that they feel comfortable using and feels good on their body, and not simply because a particular company might be offering them slightly more merchandise than another company. It is important that a player uses equipment that will help him succeed on the field, where the “real” money is earned. We will work with the player and the equipment company to ensure the best fit for the player.

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